Wednesday, January 26, 2011


The morning started out FA-REE-ZING, but slowly sizzled up (not sure if it was the weather, or the heat radiating from these two newlyweds!). I absolutely LOVE a bride and groom who let me have my way with them! As you can see, the results are worth it!

Jess & Chris are just about the darndest cutestes couple I know, and that Chris is a hoot! He just could NOT keep his hands OFF his new bride! You could just tell that he felt like he had just won the lottery in the wife department (which he DID, of course!) He also married Carrie Underwoods Doppelganger which is an added bonus! Lol!

Thanks lovebirds for giving me all that time on your big day to drag you all around kingdom come and take snaps. I hope it was as fun for you as it was for me….


Monday, January 24, 2011


{the birthday girl! she makes 90 look good!}


90 years. NINE-TEE years. That is a lot of years.

Laddie makes it look effortless...and totally fab! It's so neat to see the posterity of this one person. The glue that holds it all together. Some of these family members had not seen each other in years, but came together to help celebrate in this milestone birthday of one special gal.

Did you know that 90 years ago...

~Popeye the cartoon made it's debut

~The Oscars broadcasted their first awards show

~The MOMA opened in NY

~7-Up was invented

Just a few facts for your 'Gee-Whiz' collection....

Happy 90th Laddie...No better way to celebrate than by being surrounded by those you love:)


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Scrabble THIS!

{Remember these cute necklaces??}

Meet the adorable family behind these creations! The owners of HomeStudio {Click here to check out their Etsy Shop!}.

I like these peeps. I like them a lot. My son tells me he is going to marry their oldest daughter. His mother and I have already picked out the invitations. Really cute. With flowers and stuff. You’ll love ‘em.

So support your local business {if your not local but you read my blog, well then I just wanted to say that I love you}, and buy some of these A-dorable necklaces!!

** I am no longer offering a free necklace w/ your fave pic on it when you book a session with me, but they are still available for purchase! You can always e-mail me with any questions you haveJ