Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Did You Miss Me?


Life has been kicking my boo-TAY these last few months, but I'm BACK and ready to show you what fun things I've been up to! 

I got a call from the beautiful and talented Miss Alicia Willis (You may remember her from her role as Corey Conway on the television show '7th Heaven', and as Courtney Matthews Morgan on 'General Hospital'.) to get some fun shots to update her media pages. If you could have only seen the 'Behind-the-Scenes' action, as they say in showbiz, of this photo shoot you would have no doubt been entertained! We were fighting daylight, tourists who refuse to move out of our shot, and a very fast moving high tide that almost swallowed us up! But you would never know it because Alicia NAILED every photo like the pro that she is and I think we ended up with some really fun shots! 

Make sure to check her out in her upcoming movie soon to be released titled 'The Family Trust', follower her on Facebook, and get constant updates on her TV show and other film appearances at

**More photos coming soon!