Saturday, October 27, 2012

And That's a Wrap!

Ahhhh...Wedding Season. 

My favorite time of the year! 

Also the most stressful, enjoyable, exhausting, creative, can't feel my hands from too much editing, stupendous, hair pulling, exhilarating, frazzled, impelling, overtired and sensational time of the year!

I survived and that's all that matters! bah!!

I have to say though that my brides are the MOST beautiful (inside and OUT!), FUN, spontaneous and MADLY in love that they make my job not only EASY but SOOOOO enjoyable;)

I've come so far from where I started so many years ago with my little Canon Rebel (which by the way, if you're looking to dabble in photography, the Rebel is SUCH a great camera to learn on!!) and my kit lenses BEGGING my friends to model for me so that I could practice. Spending hundreds of hours watching tutorial after tutorial on how to use photoshop and signing up for every photography workshop I could! I had (and still do!) this unquenchable thirst to learn everything I could about photography because when I held a camera in my hands nobody could tell me what to do. I was slowly but surely coming into my own and developing my own style. That is the beauty of photography...your eye looking through the lens is like looking at a blank canvas and just by the push of a button you have created something beautiful! (except when your photos are blurry because your shutter speed was too slow because you didn't understand that in order to get the perfect photo you had to make sure that your ISO, your aperture and your shutter speed were all in sync...a lesson you learn as you go!)

Okay...wasn't I talking about weddings?? I get off track sometimes...(a lot, okay?? I get off the subject a lot. I can't help it. I have an appointment to get my brain checked for...well, I don't coke poisoning or something?)

Here are a few of my lovely brides from this year.... 

More to come soon!! xoxo