Saturday, August 31, 2013

Never-Never Land

Let's fly away.

To a place where time stands still.

Where you will never grow-up.

And you can be my baby forever.

Monday, August 19, 2013

The Bride (and Groom!) of Green Gables

I have been a photographer for several years now.
Seen many things.
Photographed many weddings.
This was no ordinary wedding.

This was a PAR-TAY!!!

I was in complete awe as I not only got to photograph but witness the union and CELEBRATION between these two lovely people and their families! There was so much culture and tradition and even though my dogs were barkin', I didn't want the night to end!

It was truly a night to remember! Congrats to M & R and to what will no doubt be a happily-ever-after!

**Click {here} to see M & R's ADORBES engagement photos!!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

'V' is for Valor

It was such an honor to be asked to photograph this lovely couple (again!...Click {here} to see their engagement photos!). They have been married almost a year now but 'J' did not get a chance to be photographed in his uniform on their big day...
During our session together I noticed 'J' wore a 'V' pin on his jacket that I just assumed stood for 'Veteran' (since he no longer serves in the military). When I asked about it, 'J' simply said, "No, 'V' is for Valor." If you knew this young man and his amazing story you would know why he wears this very special pin.

Thank You 'J' for your sacrifice.