Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pretty in Pink

It's late and my brain is fried. But I just had to post these precious pics of the newest addition to the 'C' Family. Let me just tell you It was not easy getting these shots.

Let me explain.

Super excited to hop in my car to drive up to the OC (you see, I was to be KID free and could listen to MY music with NO screaming on who gets to play with MY iPhone!)

Get in car. Car won't start. (me=sad face)

Dead battery. Okay, no prob. I whip out my AAA card and give 'em a ringy-ding-ding. Batta-Bing-Batta-Boom, they come and the car starts!

Weeeeeeeeee......I'm on my way!

(The drive up to OC = me blasting Katy Perry 'California Gurls'... (no, I did not misspell the word 'girl', that's how the chick spells it. Just want you to know I can spell. I can. I swer.)

Get to the 'C' residence and have the amazing opportunity to meet this cute family and take photos of their adorable little baby. FUN FUN FUN.

Not so fun=Leaving said photo shoot and having my car not start. AGAIN!!!! (me=angry face)
Another call to AAA. They want to charge me this time to jump my car. Say whhhhaaaaaat? You fools didn't fix it the first time! Forget YOU!

Me and 'M' break out our jumper cables (mind you 'M' just gave birth a few days prior) and gave that 'ol minivan a jump start like no other. It only took two attempts (and in scorching hot weather mind you), but guess what? THE SUCKER STARTED! Woot-Woot!

So, why you ask do I tell you this story? I have no idea. Remember when I told you it's late and my brain is fried? This is what happens....

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tahoe Charlies

(Can you see what's she's pointing at? I love playing with focus!)

My days spent growing up in Laguna Beach were magical.

I attribute that to the great friends I spent most my time with.

My friend Darcy is one of those friends.


It surprised me to say the least when she chose to leave the 'Emerald' beaches of LB and trade them for the shores and seasons of Lake Tahoe.

What a beautiful place. What a beautiful family.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Chocolate Chip Cookies

There was a time when I thought there wasn't anything better than freshly baked choc chip cookies. The smell when you walked into the kitchen. The way the aroma lingers in the house all day. The tall glass of ice cold milk. Nothing could be better. Or so I thought...

There is nothing better than being preggo for the first time. To feel the baby's first 'flutters' as it grows inside you. Buying every ridiculous item that is labeled 'baby', because you don't want to deprive your bundle of anything! To feel the first twinges of a contraction to only wonder 'Could this really be it?' The drive to the hospital knowing that when you drive home, you will be a party of two no more.

Chocolate Chip Cookies. They're good. But nothing is a sweet as your first born.

Congratulations M & S...

Monday, August 2, 2010

Thank You - Part One

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Major S. K of the Marine Corps is my hero. The time he takes away from his family so I can enjoy mine in peace is something I am SO grateful for everyday. It was my honor and a privilege to take photos for this beautiful family.

Thank you.

Thank you.