Friday, May 18, 2012

Flushmount Press Printed Albums

I know I have been talking about these Flushmount albums for a while, but now I have pictures to show how wonderfully spectacular they are!!

If you are getting married, throwing a special event, of just love your family photos SO MUCH that you would like them made into a book, THIS IS WHAT YOU MUST GET!!

Right now I have the following sizes available:

10x10 (shown)

To see the templates I currently have (and am slowly adding to!) click on the below links:

1. Marry Me Album {Click here to see}
2. The Milo Album {Click here to see}
3. The Freedom Album {Click here to see}
4. The Dreamy Album {Click here to see}
5. Bold & Dashing Hinged Book {Click here to see}
6. Fab Frames {Click here to see} these can be used to customize books and boutique cards:)
7. Whimsy Garden {Click here to see}
8. Field of Dreams {Click here to see}

Prices vary on the size and paper used (and other minor details). These are all CUSTOM done and take a lot of time to put together...but you end up with a book you will treasure FOREVER!

Ok. I'm done here.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Yes. Okay?? I'm STILL editing photos from J&S's day of wedded bliss.

BUTT (notice how I added the extra 'T'? I'm crazy like that!)....I am also OBSESSING lately over Peonies!

I want to eat them.

I want to kiss them (not open mouthed or anything, that's sick!)

I want to lay in a bed of Peonie Petals....

You get it. I like the flowers.

So while editing this evening, I just had to share these OH! so lovely PE-oh!-Knees w/ you all.

Just spreading the love.


Monday, May 7, 2012

Mia Rocks!

My lovely daughter recently accompanied me on a shoot (out of my three children, she's the least monstrous...and I mean that in the most loving way...!)

The task of taking photos of one's own child is an unsurmountable one. You would think that by being a photographer I would have millions of photos of my demonic spawn (again, I say this with nothing but love and tenderness in my voice...).

Not true.

Giving birth w/out an epidural is how I compare trying to take snaps of my off-spring. I would just rather not.

But since my darling Mia was w/ me and I just happen to have a camera in my hands I asked her to pose and give me a good smile.

Hmmm...As you can see in the first two photos, she ain't havin' it.

But wait! She finds a....ROCK. A freaking rock. A dirty, stinky, filthy old rock. Look at the smile on that child's face!

If you're wondering what to get her for her birthday.....

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pondi Cherry

This has been a project long in the making!

I just finished taking these photos a few hours ago and while uploading them I just randomly picked one I liked because I HAD to play with it!

So many things going on here @ Bubba-Loo...SO exciting:)

**many more to follow...I promise!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

You're Bubba-Loo Too??

When I first started out doing photography I mostly took photos of friends (practically BEGGED them to let me photograph them so I could practice. And practice. And PRACTICE!!).

A weird thing started to happen....I started getting photo jobs from my friends friends, and then my friends friends friend and my friends friends friends FRIEND! get the picture.

It's now come to where I don't know where people are getting my information...or how we are somehow connected...I never ask. But I'm always curious!!

This family's story is the best one YET!

Apparently Mr. D was driving behing me on the freeway and saw my {Bubba-Loo} Photography sticker on the back of my car.

**For those of you who don't know, the name of my company came simply from my first son's nickname...Bubba-Loo. It was only going to be temporary until I could come up with something RETRO and SUPER-COOL and smart (like an S.A.T word or something?! I can't give you any examples of what one might be because I don't know any...hence, the name never changed and I am, and forever will be known as 'Bubba-Loo Photography')

Okay, back to Mr. D driving behind me on the freeway...he and his wife ALSO had a son who THEY called Bubba-Loo and it just so happened they were in the market to get some photos taken. They looked me up, apparently liked what they saw and booked a sesh! Pretty cool, eh?

Fast Forward a couple months and we finally had our session together. I had been dying to try out my paper lanterns and I finally got to do it!! It took a lot of work hanging them from the tree (and falling off the ladder once...yes, it was awesome), but what say you??? You likey???

Here's to {Bubba-Loo} x TWO!!! Oh, and pretty paper lanterns (did I tell you they are a BEAST to hang? So you better appreciate!)

ps~a big shout-out to my good friend Jen of Delicious Design for creating the beautiful framed burlap lettering!!