Tuesday, February 28, 2012



They boggle my mind.

I found this one on the Internet and wanted to play around with it.

I’ve also been trying to think about the direction I want my blog to go…

I think I want it to be part ‘Bubba-Loo’, and part ‘Kelly and her crazy life!’. I am so good about taking photos for others, but no so great about capturing the moments with my own children.

I plan to change that.

I hope to change that.

Hopefully you will get to know me through my blog a little better. There are so many wonderful things you can do with a blog, and I feel like I haven’t even given it a go yet…

So get ready for some changes around here Ladies and Gents. It’s about to get a whole lot different up in here!

Can I get a “WOOT-WOOT!!”



Oh! Btw…these are my kids:) They are SO hard to photograph (that’s prob why you don’t see them on here very much! lol!) so the fact that I was able to get this many photos of them together is what I like to call a MIRACLE!!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

{B}etter late than never

Oh! Life with a three year old.

Things just get put on the back burner…like my poor blog.

And my wardrobe…and any chance of me looking halfway decent. I love it when I run into a friend while out-and-about and I have actually had 30 seconds to do my hair and spread some make-up on my face. Their reaction is half shock and half envy…they think I’m on my way somewhere fancy (because why else would I have done my hair and put on lip gloss!?)

Sadly, I’m just on my way to the pet store to buy poop bags for my dogs (gotta impress those Petco employees!), then off to the drycleaners to pick-up my shirt that I spilled hot chocolate down the front of when my three year old decided to take off his croc and chuck it at my head (he missed and hit the dashboard, but since those stupid things are made of rubber, it bounced off the dashboard and nailed me square in the face).

So be patient with Bubba-Loo.

I’m trying….

Trying to stay sane:)

Monday, February 20, 2012